Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"eat with your eyes"

Most of the gear is cleaned and stowed.  Just a few things still drying out.  Will have it all done by tomorrow.  I'll start the daily logs this weekend.

Picked up a dozen #1 Jimmies at Wicker's Crab Pot.  I'll steam those while Bruce does a couple small filet mignon's on the grill.  Surf and turf sounds pretty good (but I gotta say we didn't really starve on this last trip).

On the topic of food, check out this video from the New York Times about cooking with the Tucci family (as in the actor, Stanley Tucci).  A couple of wonderful lines in there including the title of this post, made by his mother, and Tucci's observation that....

"there are only so many recipes, just like there are only so many plots.  However, it's the way you tell the story as opposed to the way the other guy tells the story.  That's what it is all about."


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Baydog said...

Stanley Tucci reminds me of my old boss. Now That is cooking.