Friday, November 23, 2012


We are in a fog bank this morning. The waterfront is scenic, but not enjoyable for the passengers of the three ferry runs to the mainland that have been canceled because the the whiteness on the sound. I do not know how the delays and cancellations will affect our ferry run tomorrow morning.

I am disappointed in the blogger app for the iPad. I cannot find a way to organize the order of the photographs, they seem to appear in a random order. And the app decreases the image resolution. The photographs are a little better than what appears here. I may change them out once I get home to a laptop. This will have to do for now.



Baydog said...

How were the oysters, Steve?

Steve said...

Oysters, for some reason, are not a big item down here. They do all kinds of fish, certainly crabs and a lot of clamming. But not oysters. Maybe when I retire I'll move down here and become a gentleman oyster farmer.

Anonymous said...

Love the B&W's. I assume you did the B&W conversion in Photoshop.

I'm still muddling through PS 5. Just when you think you've got it, out comes PS 6.

Neat work, as always.

Steve said...


those were edited on an Ipad with the FilterStorm Pro app. At $17 or so, it is a pretty nice way to edit photographs.