Friday, November 16, 2012

four men and a dog

A nice note and a photograph from my sailing friend Mike Wick about making the most of last weekend's beautiful weather.

"Four men and a dog trailered four boats to Janes Island State Park for a shirtsleeve weekend of perfect sailing while we camped in the Park. Evenings were big bonfires of hurricane wood and then sleeping in mummy bags with wooly caps.
    The park has flagged 5 canoe/kayak trails inside the marsh that is Janes Island. We found they were sailable on most tides but especially on a rising tide. It requires quick responses and sudden jibes, but a real sense of adventure amid much wildlife. Best spots are Flatcap Basin, Back Creek, West Creek, Acre Creek, Rock Pond. South of Crisfield is Cedar Island Marsh, Broad Creek." 

Mike's note reminded me that I sailed down the canal (track above) at Janes Island last spring on day four of the Tangier Sound walkabout.  It is only now, as I read my entry for that day, that I realize what a interesting day it was: a thunderstorm at Smith Island; great wind across the sound to the Big Annemessex River; protection from the wind with a heavy overcast and a friendly ranger who allowed me to pick up some cold drinks on the way down the canal to the Little Annemessex; a beautiful sunny sail across the Litte Annemessex, down Broad Creek and back for a pleasant last evening anchored out (photo below); and a visit from a snake.  Wow, was that really all in one day?

I do remember seeing those creeks and coves as we sailed down the canal.  Spartina just passed through the area, Mike and his friends explored and enjoyed it.  

My sailing is done for the year.  My next time on a boat, though, is just a few days away.  We'll be heading down to Swan Quarter, NC to catch the ferry to Ocracoke to celebrate Thanksgiving weekend on the island, something we did last year and enjoyed very much.  From the deck of the ferry I'll be able to see some of my favorite sailing areas - Swan Quarter Bay, Caffee Bay, Juniper Creek and Great Island.  As we approach Ocracoke we'll enter the channel near a little sand island at the southern end of Howard's Reef, I'll be thinking about next fall when I hope to sail Spartina into that very same channel entrance.

Mike, thanks for the note, the photograph and bringing back a few memories.


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