Saturday, November 24, 2012


No fog this morning, skies are crystal clear. It is very wind. If I am reading the wind view of WeatherMap+ app correctly we are right on the edge of the 20 mph NNW wind. Over Pamlico Sound ii is blowing 15 mph or more. The ferry will carry us directly into that wind. Things could get a little rough and a little wet.

The WeatherMap+ is a wonderful app which I read about on Webb Chiles' journal ( ). Webb describes it as "by far the most visually stunning and useful weather app" he has seen. I agree with him. I just wish it wasn't so accurate with the wind today.

Despite the difficulties getting to and then leaving Ocracoke Island, it has been a great visit. I'm hoping my next arrival on the island will be aboard Spartina.

Below you will photographs from the ferry and park service docks today, and a World War ll era photograph.

We just loaded onto the ferry, starboard side one car back from the bow. It will get a little wet.


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