Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanksgiving morning

Cool and windy, a dingy yellow light peeked through the overcast at dawn. The north wind is pushing the sound waters to the south, raising the tide in Silver Lake. Sloops anchored sail back and forth on their anchors.

We hear that the rest of the family is on the ferry in Swan Quarter, heading this way soon. Cooking and carving is hours away.

The weather should be clearing tomorrow, but this weather is fine by me.



John Edward Harris said...

Thanksgiving at Ocracoke! I can not think of many of places I'd rather be, but it is simply too far from NYC for a short trip. Newport, RI will have to do.

Steve said...

My guess is you will have a great Thanksgiving in Newport, RI! steve

John Edward Harris said...

Yes, we did, An excellent paella at The Morring, overlooking Narragansett Bay at sunset. Still, it was not Ocracoke.