Friday, November 2, 2012

an inquiry

The Bounty, seen off the Eastern Shore of Virginia on June 6 of this year from the deck of the Picton Castle.  I had forgotten we had seen her until I was looking through my photographs the other day.

The Bounty, this past Monday off of Cape Hatteras, photographed by the Coast Guard.

I read in the papers that there will be an official inquiry.  Maybe we will understand someday why she was out there in the path of a huge and well forecast storm, why the crew was put at risk and why members of the Coast Guard had to be put at risk in a heroic rescue effort.


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Bill said...

The armchair Monday morning quarterbacks are bugging me. Can't believe the people who right from the get-go were questioning and criticizing every little thing and every decision of the captain and crew. The rest of us don't really know all that much about what actually happened, who did what, etc., so how the heck can a reasonable, rational person possibly conclude that he or she is in a position to judge with any kind of authority? I'm waiting for more info and facts to be reported.