Wednesday, November 7, 2012

testing driving the new camera

I was over in Old Town Portsmouth this evening and decided to try out the new camera in low light situations.  There are some things I liked about it, some that I wasn't sure about.  The jury is out right now.  I hope to get it out for a test sail in a couple of days.



Anonymous said...

Great images. Looks like they might have been taken with a Canon SLR.

I expect your future images will mirror the "do die for" quality your blog always displays.

I keep thinking about putting a "raincoat" on my Canon 5D when I'm out on the Neuse River.

Bill said...

Wow, looks pretty damn good to me!

But then again, I are not a photographer.

John Edward Harris said...

I love the graveyard shot.

Steve said...

Thank you!