Sunday, January 20, 2013

another winter coat

A surprise high of 63 degrees today, warmer than expected and a perfect day for another layer of varnish, the fourth.  I hooked the trailer to the jeep and pulled Spartina out of the garage to get the full effect of the warm sunshine.

While the outside of the hull is looking better, the inside is still a mess.  Tools, sandpaper, dust and just about everything else.

Six weeks until the start of sailing season.  Six weeks to do three more coats of varnish, touch up the white deck and top plank, touch up the sea green of the hull, wire the new trailer lights, repack the trailer wheel bearings and load the gear back on the boat.  Sounds reasonable to me.



Rich said...

Hi Steve! No matter how critical you are of the "workboat" finish on Spartina (which is your right as the builder/owner), I think she is a fine craft! I admire all the work you do to keep her that way!
Best Wishes,

Steve said...

Thanks, Rich.


steve said...

A workboat finish
Aw steve you do make me grin........have you seen pictures of Arwen recently? Spartina is outstanding at any view and from any distance
Enjoy your warm weather and think of us in the grips of snowy spells here in UK


Steve said...

Yes, Steve, I've been checking in on your site from time to time, following your learning curve sailing under mizzen and jib. It took me a while to get the hang of it, but I sail quite a bit that way now and have great success.
Have you sailed backwards yet?
Last I heard the earth is tilting in our favor, warm weather should be on the way.

best wishes