Saturday, January 12, 2013

San Diego

Chilly, but sunny.  I'll take it.



Bill said...


It's supposed to be 73 degrees here tomorrow.

I had considered de-wintering my boat's engine and going for a day sail, but instead, I will be driving down to Williamsburg to pick up most of a free Atomic 4 engine.

JimB said...

Very foggy but comfortable on the Outer Banks.

I am adding foam around the boat's icebox today and it tuned into a real "Lucy" moment. For a couple of hours the foam keep pouring out into the salon from every crack in the teak galley trim. I kept working at it until it stopped. I'll set a new sink and clean up tomorrow.

I had the sliding companion way hatch open during daylight, but when it got dark I had to close because of hords of mosquitoes !!!!

Rich D. said...

I would love to take a sailboat to that harbor one day. Spent some time there in the Navy. Loved it!

Steve said...

I'm with you on this Rich D. I have rented small boats on Mission Bay, would love to rent one on SD Bay but they are a little out of my price range.