Monday, January 28, 2013

the map in the table

There is a simple map of coastal Carolina on each of the tables in the lounge of our ferry. I read for a while, walk around the empty green cushioned chairs, step outside to search the dark horizon for lights. I see only a green navigation light forward on the port side.

I come back inside, look at the map on the table and use my finger to trace the path of my sailing plan for this fall from Elizabeth City to Cape Lookout and back. Outside on the upper deck I still see the green marker. Then I see the red lights of towers to the north. A dark shape on the horizon, darker than the rest of the night sky, is Bluff Point, which I have sailed by a few times. Swan Quarter glows in the distance.



Anonymous said...

Maybe we'll cross paths (wakes?) on your journey from Elizabeth City to CLO.

I'm still planning trip from my marina on the Neuse to Hobucken to Belhaven to "Liz City".

Might even try for trip to Norfolk for OPSAIL 2013 in June.

I appreciate your recommendations on camping & food gear for small boat outings; it helps to get past the "fluff" that comes with some products.

Steve said...

I'll keep my eyes open for your sails.


John Edward Harris said...

I once had a conversation with a deck hand on the Swan Quarter ferry who spoke hoi toide, the only time I have heard it spoken by a live person.

Steve said...


A couple of days on Ocracoke with no tourists and everybody was talking that way. More than one old timer suggested they were happy to have the island back to themselves.