Sunday, January 20, 2013

sails on the horizon?

A note from Stuart of Dabbler Sails made me wonder if the new set of sails for Spartina are not too far off.

The note was a questions about sail bags, below, but had an attachment for Seth about lacing his sails onto the mast.  I read the email twice before I noticed the phrase "that's your sail", which was addressed to Seth.  If that is Seth's main, could mine also be in the making?

I will not be lacing my sails on the masts, using instead robands, simply short piece of line, to fasten the main and mizzen.

Stuart gave us each the option on sail bags, either the long version at left above, slightly longer than the foot of the main so the sails can be flaked at stored without having a vertical crease, or the more traditional short bag which would require folding the sails.  I went with the longer version.

Sunny and a varnishing temperature (above 50) today so I should get the fourth coat on the rubrails, boomkin and tiller.


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