Sunday, June 16, 2013

a day for reefing

Steady strong wind with gusts to the high 20's buried in the breeze, a perfect day on the water.  The most sail put up was jib, mizzen and double-reefed main, making up to six knots.  Sailed a fair amount under just mizzen and jib doing five knots.  Early afternoon I almost had the lee rail in the water under m and j, had never heeled that much under two sails.

Had a special guest on board, she joined me with both the nice wind and father's day in mind.  I could not have blamed Grace if she joined me just for the wind.  I think she enjoys sailing as much as I do.



Baydog said...

Ya think?

Rich said...

Sounds like a great Father's Day to me Steve!

Steve said...

It was!