Thursday, June 13, 2013

something wicked this way comes

The storm was strong, but brief.  Lots of wind, a little rain.  I think we got off pretty easy this time.



Bill said...

I happened to be in your neck o' the woods when it came through. I had to attend a conference in Virginia Beach, and something possessed me to try to take the M-M tunnel instead of the HR tunnel, just to see if things might be better that way.

They were not.

But I as I crossed the Elizabeth River and saw the sign identifying it as such, I thought "hey, this is where Steve does his sailing." Meanwhile, the sky was starting to look ugly in the distance. It turned out to not be quite so terrible as it looked like it could have been.

Of course, here in Richmond, there were trees and limbs down, some power out, some local flooding, and a 4 year-old boy got killed at Maymont when a large Tulip Tree fell on him.

Steve said...

I was out in Va. Beach on Saturday, couldn't throw a rock without hitting a lawyer (not that I'm endorsing that).

That was quite a storm.