Wednesday, June 19, 2013

taste of summer, plastic palm trees

I found my first ripe tomatoes this morning.  The small cherry tomatoes are nearly two weeks ahead of schedule, which is surprising considering the cold wet spring.  It is nice to have the taste of summer before summer even arrives.

I've been thinking about next spring's sail, mostly because the photographs I've stolen - above and at the bottom of this post - from Barry's web page are so enticing.  You can see more photographs here.  Barry and the spring float crowd spent their time sailing the Patuxent River on the western shore of the bay.  I've visited Solomons Island twice over the years, both times just passing through on much larger boats, one sailing and the other power.  I've never gotten around to exploring the western shore in Spartina, save for an overnight sail to the Magothy River during the Back to the Islands cruise.  That was an enjoyable part of the trip and makes me think I am missing out by not spending more time on the other side of the bay.

Maybe I could put in at my new favorite town on the Eastern Shore - Onancock - sail up Tangier Sound and the Hongo River, crossing the bay to explore the Patuxent River up to Broome's Island, and then back again, maybe sailing back down the bay outside of the Hooper Islands and Tangier Sound.

I still have planning to do for my fall trip down to Cape Lookout, but I do like to have an idea for the next trip rolling around in my mind.  Wouldn't you sail a couple of hundred miles to see plastic palm trees?



Shawn Stanley said...

we have a couple of nice ramps here on the Patuxent too. There is an excellent one (state owned) under the Solomons bridge, and there is plenty of room during the week (weekends are a different story, as there are lots of 'weekend only' boat users around that fill up the parking lot). There is another small one near Clark's Landing Restaurant too (Cuckold Creek), and may be owned by them...not sure of the details but could investigate further if you were interested.
There is a 3rd ramp (state owned also) at the base of the 2nd bridge, Rt 231 on the Patuxent. I don't recall a lot of room or parking at this one, so it would really depend on when you use it, as to whether it may prove an enjoyable experience or not.

I like that shot of Vera's (plastic palm trees). If we can't make a long cruise but want to get out for an evening, there is a nice 6 knot zone outside the restaurant/marina where you can anchor and people watch, and they have decent facilities to tie up if you wanted to check out the happenings there on the weekends. When I was a kid and needed summer employment, before the plastic palm trees, Vera's had live banana trees which they store in 5 gallon buckets in the (closed) kitchen during winter..I remember planting over 50 of them one spring. :)

I think the restaurant is open year-round now. Vera's eclectic house on the other side of the facility is 'interesting' as well.

Solomons, MD

Steve said...


thanks for the info. Sailing the Patuxent from the Patuxent side - cool. Sailing the Patuxent from the Eastern Shore - very cool. I'm sure I'll have questions for you next spring.


Shawn Stanley said...

Sure thing Steve..I just remember motoring all the way home from Tangier Island one year..but that plan of Onancock to Tangier to Solomons is one we've done before. I am envious you are thinking of the Honga River, we would never make it up there..I've even heard of a few power boats having trouble over there near "Old Salty's", but I hear that is an excellent place.
Cheers -Shawn