Sunday, June 9, 2013


I picked up some Lynnhaven "counts" from Uncle Chuck, the shellfish guy, today.  I will use them tomorrow for my simplified oysters rockefeller recipe that I experimented with last week.  This time I may add some dried red pepper flakes.  

I still have not figured out the source of the word "counts" in relationship to oysters and will have to explore that more.  "Salts" I underestand, "counts" I don't.

The occasion for the dinner will be one of my daughters visiting home for a few days.  She loves shellfish and I think will enjoy this dinner.  My daughter has developed an interest in cooking and I suspect we'll work on this meal together.

We had hoped to go sailing tomorrow to watch the tall ships from Harborfest leaving the Norfolk waterfront.  But the forecast does not look good - rain and gusty winds.  Weather and work have not been favorable for getting out on the water this week.

I do expect I'll get out for a brief sail on Wednesday with the sail training crew at the new Sail Nauticus center on the Elizabeth River.  Nauticus is right at Town Point Park where I do most of my day sailing during the summer.  They have bought a few Harbor 20's that will be used to teach sailing skills, maritime sciences and math to Norfolk school children.  I will look forward to seeing the small boats out on the river.  And the Schooner Virginia is back in town.  It is nice to have a tall ship on the waterfront.

In addition to my little sail on Wednesday.  This is the kind of work week that I like.


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Bill said...

Those new Schock boats sure do look nice. I particularly like the looks of the new Harbor 30. Very simple, very clean lines; nicely uncluttered looking, with a classic style to it, yet quite modern. They just look like comfortable little boats to me.