Monday, June 3, 2013

faux oysters rockefeller

I did not intend to buy oysters yesterday but when I got to the shellfish guy's place to buy dry scallops Chuck was running out the door to a cooler yelling "Steve, you gotta see the size of these gd oysters!"  So I get my sea scallops plus a handful of big oysters from the Lynnhaven River.

A little butter mixed with garlic, japanese bread crumbs, chopped up prosciutto, chopped up basil and grated parmesan, and all that goes on the oysters on the half-shall then put under the broiler.  Maybe it wasn't really oysters Rockefeller, but it was pretty good.  



Baydog said...

Oysters Luckyfeller!

EyeInHand said...

Oh dang.

I have an Oysters Rockefeller story for you some day. Involves Savannah, a damsel in distress, and a big burly drunk guy with a full beard who held 20,000 volts sparking between his two paws who I found myself disconcertingly but irrevocably nose to nose with in a fight, which mercifully someone broke up before someone (me) got hurt.

Yeah, Savannah was like that. Good times, good times.

Steve said...

Barry, that doesn't sound like a story, it sounds like an outline for a book/play/film. Can't wait to hear it. Saw the photos of your latest cruise. Will post a link soon.