Thursday, March 5, 2015

an extended watertribe family

This group portrait, showing an extended Watertribe family, arrived last night.  I believe it was their traditional (their are a lot of traditions in these events) evening gathering before getting on the road for Tampa Bay (they are probably on the highway this morning as I write).  Paul message simply read...

"Madison, Tana, Alan, Kristen, Dawn, and the Schoonmakers"

There is a lot of Watertribe Challenge experience gathered around the table, and a couple of marks in the record books too.  This of course includes Paul, who took the photograph.

Paul has completed eight Watertribe Challenges, including three Everglades Challenges, four Pamlico Challenges and one Blackbeard Challenge.

Dawn, at the far end of the table, has done 14 Watertribe Challenges, including one 11 Everglades Challenges, one Pamlico Challenge, and two Ultimate Challenges (which includes two more complete Everglades Challenges).

Kristen, to Dawn's left, has finished eight Watertribe events, all Everglades Challenges.

Alan, to the left of Kristen, has done 12 challenges, including six Everglades Challenges, four Pamlico Challenges, one Blackbeard Challenge, one Ultimate Challenge (which includes an additional Everglades Challenge).

As for the record books, Kristen holds the speed record in the Everglades Challenge for women in class I kayaks.  Alan and Paul have the speed record in Dawn Patrol for their class in the Everglades Challenge and also for their class in the Pamlico 100 mile Challenge.  They also own the overall speed record in the 300 mile Blackbeard Challenge.

With all that time on the water, paddling and sailing, can you blame them for smiling?

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