Thursday, March 12, 2015

a brief report from a brief trip

Here's a brief report from Paul about Dawn Patrol's experience in the abbreviated Everglades Challenge.  The full report, well worth reading, can be found on Alan's blog.  I really like the GoPro photo of Dawn Patrol being launched from the beach, above.

Alan and I were well rested at the start.  The conditions were just about perfect.  We ran the boat onto rollers and into the water in a few seconds  --our fastest launch ever.  We were in the lead leaving the beach and we had a beautiful downwind run out to the Gulf with a moving average of 7 knots.  The sun came out.  Stump Pass was sunny and flat.  We beat all our previous times into CP1.  We arrived only about 50 minutes behind the EC 22.  The new improvements to the boat were a big success.  Love the new CB.    

All was.....  Perfect!

And then our bubble was popped.

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