Saturday, March 7, 2015

flying south

Dawn Patrol and the kayaks seems to be flying south with wind over their port quarters.  Dawn Patrol (blue) crossed Tampa Bay and went outside on to the Gulf of Mexico at Passage Key Inlet.  They seem to be making great time, possibly flying mizzen, main, fisherman and spinnaker (but I won't really know until I hear from them).  I cannot see their competitors as the Watertribe tracking viewer is down, which it tends to be on the first day of the challenge with too many people wanting to take a look.

Kiwibird (red) went down Anna Maria Sound, then outside through Longboat Pass.  My guess is she'll have wonderful paddling, and sailing too with the kayak small sail, just off the beach of Longboat Key.

SandyBottom (green) is in Anna Maria Sound and may well go out through Longboat Pass too.

The wonderful weather will continue.  Above is the forecast for tomorrow at 8:00 a.m.

Cape Haze Marina, reached from the gulf via Stump Point Pass, is the checkpoint #1.  Dawn Patrol could be there early afternoon and I hope to get a few photographs and comments as they pass through.


MaryLou said...

Thanks for the updates Steve. We are still in FL and almost did the 40 minute drive out to Anna Maria Sound to see if we could get some pictures this morning but we have tickets to a Phillies game and that's a 50 minute drive in the other direction... In any event, appreciate the updates especially without the website tracker.

Jan White said...

This was posed on Discussion BD 46 min ago.
"Shore Contacts: Per Coast Guide, please contact your Challengers and tell them to go to find shelter ashore immediately. Subsequent messages regarding continuation of the events will be posted here. All shore contacts will be phoned within the next hour. Please do not call race management unless reporting an emergency. Thanks. Stay tuned."

Steve said...

Saw that, Jan. Thank you. I've been on the phone, emailing and txting to relay the message. steve