Sunday, March 8, 2015

spring shadows

Typically by this time....

spring has already sprung

Dawn Patrol is past CP 2 and on their way to CP 3

Kristen and Dawn have passed CP 1, paddling long days and sleeping very short nights

I'm checking air pressure in the trailer tires, hoping for that first warm day


Alan, Dawn, Paul and Kristen are regrouping after being spread out along the Florida coast

I'm wondering how I will transition to spring without five or six days of following the Everglades Challenge

there are piles of dirty snow blocking the boat ramp, and even if there was no snow there are two huge pieces of concrete blocking the ramp


I find myself in the front yard, painting some old book cases, looking up at the blue sky and feeling the heat of the sun and the warm wind out of the south, thinking if not for my rehab and repainting Spartina's cockpit, I should be on the water right now.

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