Friday, March 20, 2015

please join us

An email from Webb Chiles this morning tells me that we both will be sailing for this first time this year this weekend, Webb in the New Zealand's Bay of Islands and myself on the Pasquotank River in North Carolina.  Winter has been a time of recovery for us both.  Webb has been rehabbing an injured shoulder,  I have been recovering from hip replacement surgery.  I suspect there will be twinges of pain for us as we raise sail, using muscles in ways they have not been used in months.  And there will be the discomfort of fitting bodies still healing in the confines of small boats.  But most importantly, there will be joy.  

On Webb's journal he has invited the world to join us this weekend (which could possibly mean an awful lot of people on two small boats).  I've copied part of his invitation below.  

        I invite you wherever you are to join us doing whatever you love to do this weekend.  If you have a boat on water which can be sailed,  sail.
        If you are a runner, run.  A walker, walk.  A lover, love.  A musician, play.  A lover of music, listen.  A reader, read.  A tennis player, play.  A horseman or woman, ride.  A cook, cook.  A star gazer, gaze.  A gardener, garden.  A dreamer, dream.
        Whatever brings you joy enjoy it.


Baydog said...

Well, that makes it easy then!

Steve said...

So what are you gonna do, Dave? Cook, sail, eat or have a cold one? steve

Rik said...

I am in!

tatali0n said...

Dad and I shall be sailing Sunday. Not quite our first outing this year, but our Calstar is still very new to us, so every departure from the dock is an adventure; been looking forward to it all week. Wish you joy of your own sailing tomorrow Steve, you've earned it, and I shall look forward to reading about it. - Bill

Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, I follow both you and Webb pretty closely..while I will not be able to enjoy the boat this weekend (little farther north of you and still winterized :(, I wish you a great time on the water. I might catch a fleeting moment to check on her as we ride north to PA for an engagement party for some younger friends of ours.

Weather should be great Saturday if the rain clears out of here!

Solomons, MD

Steve said...

Shawn, Bill, Rik,

doesn't need to be the first sail, or even sailing. Just enjoy! Spring is here, life is good. Enjoy it.


MaryLou said...

Joy is where you find it. Saturday afternoon, we visited Fretless for the first time since we got home and were overjoyed to find her winter tarp had hardly moved. (we crossed our fingers after the last readjustment in January.) Last night was a blues concert at the Mainstay. I was filled with joy that the musicians not only were as good as their press (which I wrote without ever seeing them) but that they far exceeded it. I love it when the audience is picking their jaws up off of the floor! Glad you had a great day on the water.

Steve said...

Sounds like a great day, MaryLou. Kind of wish I could have heard that blues music.