Wednesday, March 11, 2015

he loved the smell of epoxy in the morning

It was warm and humid on my morning walk, which I very much enjoyed.  No coat for the first time this year and I was overdressed in sweat pants and a long-sleeved tee shirt.  Spring, welcome back.

As soon as I was done with the walk I broke out the epoxy kit to put mahogany backing "plates" on some of Spartina's frames.  I have long used bungees to hold gear under the side decks and behind the coaming between frames five and six, a perfect place to tuck away foul weather gear, hats, sandals or bottles of water.  With 20 feet of bungee cord bought at West Marine yesterday I will replace the old bungee and extend it so that it goes between frames five, six and seven.  The pieces of mahogany will be backing plates for the small line cleats that hold the bungee in place.

A note on prices.  The epoxy I used is from the last kit I bought while building Spartina, bought for $200+.  I call it a five gallon kit, it is really 4.35 gallons of resin plus a can of hardener.  That kit now sells for over $350.  The okume plywood I purchased for $55 a sheet is now about $90 a sheet.  I'm glad I built Spartina when I did.

Spartina is a mess right now.  That should change this weekend when I will clean out the boat and ready for painting.  Then the deck plates go it, followed by the day sailing gear.  Followed, in a week or two, by sailing.

The morning walk was good for my new hip, the gymnastics of sanding and doing epoxy work under the side decks and behind the coamings was even better.


Rik said...

You must be happy to work on her in anticipation of a sail soon.

MaryLou said...

Glad you are making progress on all fronts. I understand the ice is rapidly melting in the Northern Bay and the snow is gone. The kayaks are stowed and tomorrow we leave FL to start working our way back home. Looking forward to getting Fretless spiffed up and in the water.

Steve said...

Yes, MaryLou, spring is arriving on Chesapeake Bay!!! Have a safe trip home. steve