Friday, March 6, 2015

another tradition

Breakfast at IHOP.  Yes, I believe I would be eating as many good meals as I could before setting out on the water in less than 24 hours.  Alan tells me they will put Dawn Patrol in the water to test out the new weighted centerboard, below.  I'm sure there is a lot of packing, organizing to do, plus a gear inspection and mandatory captains' meeting.


Rich said...

Best wishes to the on-the-water and on-shore crews of Dawn Patrol! I am seriously considering a B&B boat for my future trailerable sailboat. The weather down there certainly makes me jealous as I sit in sub-30 F temps.

Steve said...

I've sailed with Dawn Patrol and the CS 20 is a great boat. There is a new version, the Mk II or Mk III that is a look if you want to build a trailerable boat. But I'll stick with my Pathfinder, thanks very much. steve