Friday, March 6, 2015

water's edge

The stretch of sand that meets Tampa Bay at Fort DeSoto State Parking is filling in with small boats of all kinds.  Kristen sent along these photos of Alan as a contortionist.  He was doing some last minute adjustments to a rudder bar he had made for Kiwibird's kayak.

And below is a nice view of Dawn Patrol shot by Alan.  Hand rails look good, but I'm not sure the splash guards were put in place on the side decks. 

Below is an equipment inspection in progress.  Off to the left appears to be a John Welsford designed Scamp.  To the right, is that Graham Byrnes of B&B yacht designs?

 Alan and Kristen have been great about shooting and sending photographs.  I'll have some more to post this afternoon.

Dawn and Kristen have their gear out and sails in place.  Forecast stills looks good for tomorrow, with the wind notching up just a little bit.  A small chance of rain Monday and Tuesday, with the wind swinging around to the south.

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