Sunday, March 6, 2016

checkpoint 1, little wings, Snake Island

Posted by MicroTom 2016 Ultimate Florida Challenge on Saturday, March 5, 2016

Above is Alan at Checkpoint 1 yesterday evening where he made slight modifications to the amas on his expedition candle, the little orange wing at the forward end.  

And above is Graham of B and B Yacht Design (Alan is his partner in boat building these days) sailing his Core Sound 17 Mk III.  Great looking boat.  Photo by Patrick Johnson.

And Dawn at Snake Island sometime yesterday.  She and Tom Dyll made Checkpoint 1 at 10:50 last night.  All seems to be going well.  The video is from Tom.  I'm impressed that he is shooting and uploading video along the way.  In the past I've always been told that battery power was an issue as far as photos and videos go, the racers not wanting to carry any weight that was not absolutely necessary.  But Tom seems to have found a way and it is really great to get these video reports from out on the water.

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