Tuesday, March 8, 2016

news from Dawn and Team Scout

from Dawn....

A short day 37 miles, the wind really beat us up. Predictions were for more of the same or worse. So we thought back country route might be fun. We started this 3am. But with no winds a mistake. Instead of advantage it's been a bit tidal and Yakmandu in Hobie AI wanted to hang with us. Slow going. But think we turned a 5 hr paddle into 10 hrs. But it's pretty cool in here.

from Team Scout...

From the boat crew - After hours of deliberation and analysis, we have determined that it would be unlikely that we could hit our next checkpoint in the time required to stay in the race, so we have decided to terminate this part of our adventure here in Sanibel. We will join the road crew for the rest of the trip to Key Largo! Once we get back to home base we'll post a detailed report of all the deciding factors. All in all, this has been a very positive experience. We've learned a lot, gone fast, had fun and are already talking about our next adventure.

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