Monday, March 14, 2016

the two best sources, dinners

I've been on the road a lot and have not been able to keep up as well as I would like with the Ultimate Florida Challenge.  I will check in now and then but the best two sources of information on Alan, Dawn and Tom are Alan's blog and Tom's Facebook page

Tom is doing an incredible job with short videos, which you can find here.  The nice photo above was shot by Paula Martel.  And here's a note from Dawn...

Going to be a great day today, nice winds so a bit of motor sailing. I did fall down a few stairs last evening while finishing some chores, sprained my right ankle. Not broken, just swollen and sore, can work the rudder pegs ok. Going to just do a lot of sitting, so should be good to bike the portage when we get there. Toms taking some great videos and pics, it'll be a nice keepsake."


As for my own cruising, I placed an order with Campmor for 20 freeze dried meals.  Lots of pasta dinners, some rice-based meals and a couple of breakfast meals which I find make excellent dinners too.  Ordering 20 at a time gets a 10% discount, and there is free shipping.  With the meals I already have on hand I should be set for both the spring and the fall sails.

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Alden Smith said...

The Ultimate FC looks great - and your 20 freeze dried meals should keep you sailing and out of mischief for a while!