Tuesday, March 8, 2016

day four, a detail from the launching

I didn't catch it on the first look - should have, but didn't - but that's Alan with the red hull and white sail in the foreground launching his expedition canoe just at the one minute mark in the video from the starting line.  Very cool!

This morning's Spot track shows Alan had arrived in Flamingo in the early morning hours and may have gotten some rest.  He'll be heading east (into the wind) across Florida Bay today.  The expedition canoe is impressive.  I had expected Alan to go outside to reach Flamingo, but his track shows him going right through the Everglades.

Tom and Dawn have either separated or maybe Tom's Spot is not working.  They are in Ten Thousand Island National Park on their way to Chokoloskee.

No word from Team Scout.  Their Spot went out yesterday, last mark was 18 hours.

Plenty of wind in today's forecast, all from the east.

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