Sunday, March 20, 2016

meals and putty

Cold, grey and windy.  I had hoped to sail tomorrow but the forecast is not encouraging.  I was happy to have sailed in January and February, now I find myself wondering if I'll make it out in March.

With nothing else to do I picked out a dozen meals for the spring sail.  Spaghetti with marinara sauce, spaghetti with meat sauce (the only meals being close to a repetition), scrambled eggs with bacon, kung pao rice with chicken, Jamaican jerk style rice with chicken, beef stew, biscuits and gray, chicken fajita filling (I've had this on board for three trips and never eaten it.  I ought to try it on this trip or get rid of it), Hawaiian style rice with chicken, beef stroganoff with noodles (a fave), chili mac with beef (another fave) and Lousiana style red beans and rice (which I will use if I'm lucky enough to catch a fish).

That will be more than enough for the trip, I always end up getting a nice dinner in places like Ocracoke or Beaufort.

I've also added an Epoxy Putty Stick to the repair kit, an idea I stole from Webb's pre-departure from Evanston list.  I do not know if this is the same brand he uses, but  according the the reviews, easy to use and it works underwater.  Sailing near Great Island just southeast of Swan Quarter in Pamlico Sound I was surprised by a pipe jutting up out of the water.  I wondered what I would do if I did not seen the pipe and "holed" the boat.  Now I know.  

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