Tuesday, May 9, 2017

a different kind of wind

Looking at the forecast, which I don't completely trust since we are still a few days out, but things are looking pretty good as of now.  Maybe a little rainy on launch day then sunshine for at least a few days after that.

What is a little unusual is the direction of the wind.  For three or four days it will be out of the W, WNW or NW.  Typically I've dealt with SW, N or NE winds.  With the forecast, which will certainly be changing up until launch day, I've been thinking about the route I might take.  Ocracoke, Wysocking Bay, Caffee Bay, Belhaven, Bath and Washington all still not the list.  Maybe Oriental too.  We'll see.  

The photograph is from a few years ago setting off from Bluff Point to Ocracoke just after dawn with a steady SW wind.


Lorenzo B said...

Fair winds to you and spartina on a new adventure . Look forward to reading about it!

Steve said...

Thanks, Lorenzo. I can't wait to get out on the water for a few days (or more).