Saturday, May 20, 2017


Back home after a great trip.  Rock Hole Bay, Ocracoke, the marshes behind Cedar Island, Bath, Washington and a couple of other nice anchorages, it was a very relaxing week.  Up most days and sailing by 6:00 or soon after, I spent about eight or nine hours each day sailing.  Dinner, clean up and reading, I was ready to go to sleep as the sun went down.  I haven't looked at the log yet but believe we averaged about 35 miles a day.  Light winds one morning and one afternoon, but other than that, plenty of wind.  And not a drop of rain.  First time in three years I have sailed NC without a tropical storm hovering about.  

Photos are from this morning, leaving Ditch Creek for the brief sail up Jones Bay to Hobucken, top, and on the narrow creek leading to Pate Boat Yard, looking up to wend our way through the trees leaning in over the ditch.


Lorenzo B said...

Great trip by the looks of it, I'm very glad for you!

Steve said...

Thanks, Lorenzo, it was a good trip. Sunny skies and some nice wind. steve