Monday, March 19, 2018

let's play two

Left SPARTINA on the river Saturday night for a breezy sail Sunday.  The wind had shifted from Saturday's steady southwest breeze to a crisp northerly.  Temperature was a few degrees warmer on Sunday but with the gusty wind it did not feel that way.  With thermals, foul weather pants and a jacket it felt just fine.  Very pleased to sail both days of the weekend.

Bobby from DC, a big boat sailor who is considering downsizing and is looking at a Pathfinder, joined me for a sail.  We had been in touch by email for about a year, it was enjoyable to meet him in person.

We sailed in the morning double reefed, then single reefed in the afternoon.  I'm still tweaking the set of the main, adding more belly to it and eliminating wrinkles up along the gaff.  Slowly but surely making improvement.  

The great thing about winter sailing??  Plenty of room at the ramp.   Spring should not be far away but I hear there is a chance of snow this week.

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