Monday, December 22, 2014

cold and grey, thoughts of a better day

I've been experimenting with the GoPro Studio, GoPro's free editing tool.  My interest is mostly in using Studio to remove the fish-eye appearance of GoPro images, the result of the extremely wide angle lens on the camera.  I've read that those curved edges can be removed.  I can see how to do it for videos, but have yet to make it work for a still image.  While finding my way around the GoPro Studio, I put a series of still images into video form using GoPro Studio.

It is cold, grey and rainy outside.  The video, which is made up of time lapse images shot at two second intervals, was from my December sail in Elizabeth City.  I suspect I'm the only person who will want to see a time lapse of me sailing Spartina.  But for me, it brightens a dreary day.

NOTE:  I've just looked at the video through the blog and it is very, very low quality - best looked at it the small player window.  Expanded to full screen it is unwatchable.  I will leave it up for a while to see if the processors will be improving the video as time goes on, something I have experienced with youtube uploads.  The poor quality when viewed at full screen is caused by the blog machinations, the original video is crystal clear and finely detailed.


Rik said...

Pretty nice Steve, looks like a movie...
If you ever really get sick and tired of snow and dreary cold meteo, you have an open invite to come and sail Vanessa.

Steve said...

Thanks. Might take you up on it someday.