Saturday, May 9, 2015

the right call, tropical vs. subtropical

I think I made the right call to come in when I did.  The subtropical storm now has a name: Ana.  While sailing the weather reports said the disturbance could turn into a either a tropical or subtropical cyclone, and I was curious about the difference between the two.  At the bottom of the post I'll paste a portion of a wikipedia description of subtropical storms.

Best wishes to all my friends down in the sounds.  Take care, be safe and stay dry.

Subtropical cyclones have broad wind patterns with maximum sustained winds located farther from the center than typical tropical cyclones, and have no weather fronts linked into their center.[2]
Since they form from initially extratropical cyclones which have colder temperatures aloft than normally found in the tropics, the sea surface temperatures required for their formation are lower than the tropical cyclone threshold by 3°C (5°F), lying around 23 °C (73 °F). This also means that subtropical cyclones are more likely to form outside the traditional bounds of the North Atlantic hurricane season. Subtropical cyclones are also observed to form in the South Atlantic; South Atlantic subtropical cyclones are observed in all months

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