Thursday, February 26, 2009

armchair sailor

I've been doing all my sailing in the living room the past week, looking over google earth and GMCO's Waterproof Chartbook of North Carolina.  The book is well worn and still has salt on some pages from past cruises.  And I have got to wonder how I ever planned a cruise without looking for anchorages on google earth.

My goal has been to rough out some days for sailing for the Spring cruise.  Below are some mileages to possible stopping places.  The miles are a direct route from one spot to the next.  The actual mileage will certainly be different, depending on wind and weather.  But this will help Bruce and I rough out the trip.

  1. Engelhard to Browns Island in Wysocking Bay - 14 miles.  This is the first day, which includes driving to Engelhard, rigging/loading boat.  I like to start my cruises with an easy day, get comfortable and relax.
  2. Browns Island to Swan Quarter Island - 25 miles.  
  3. Swan Quarter Island to Mixon Creek - 26 miles.
  4. Mixon Creek to Bath - 8 miles.  Why such a short sail?  We want to get in to town, get a hotel, wash clothes and gear, explore the town.
  5. Bath to Hobucken - 25 miles.
  6. Hobucken to Vandemere and then on to Fisherman Bay behind Maw Point - 18 miles.
  7. Fisherman Bay to Pasture Creek - 13 miles.  Might duck in to Whortonsville for a visit on the way.
  8. Pasture Creek to Oriental - 8 miles.  Why so short?  We want to enjoy Oriental.  They claim to be the sailing capital of North Carolina and I think they are right.  Great hotel, restaurant right on the water.  Public pier with coffee house right across the street.  
  9. Oriental to Fairfield Harbor - 21 miles.
  10. Fairfield Harbor to New Bern - 8 miles.  Last day of trip.  Need to rent a car, go get the jeep and trailer back at Engelhard and return to New Bern to haul the boat.  Then drive home.
We've got 11 days available for sailing, then Bruce needs to catch a flight and I need to get back to work.  So that gives us a weather day if we need to tuck in some where.  Plus we can always combine one or two of those eight miles days with a longer day if needed.  Is this the final plan?  No, but it will give us both something to think about.  We'll go with the flow and see what happens.

At the top of the post that's Bruce in Spartina, making a journal entry off of Wainwright Island at the north end of Core Sound.  That's me below, getting ready to raise the mainsail after a little rain shower near Great Island on Pamlico Sound.


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