Wednesday, February 11, 2009

short stories

I love to read.  I love to read when I'm out on a cruise.  I love to read short stories.  Here are some books of short stories that I have enjoyed.

Cruising Paradise by Sam Shepard   

No, not a sailing book at all.  It's about solitude and loss, growing up in the southwest, Mexico and show business.

Wonderful short stories by the movie director John Sayles, the recurring theme is care and concern for others. 

Jesus Out to Sea: Stories by James Lee Burke

I've been a big-time fan of Burke for years.  Stories from the gulf coast about coming of age, failure and faith.

Easy in the Islands by Bob Shacochis

Ok, this one has to do with water.  Stories about paradise, lost or otherwise.  Tales of the Caribbean and even the mid-Atlantic.   When I read "Dead Reckoning" I had never heard of Ocean View or Old Dominion.  Now I live near those places.

Now I need to find a book or two for this trip.  Any suggestions?

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