Sunday, February 8, 2009


This is a sketch I did for gear and supplies for my first cruise on Spartina.  It was a four day trip on Tangier Sound.  Chuck at Duckworks published some photos from the trip.
My handwriting is not the best, so it might be difficult to read my notes.  Up under the foredeck I had my boom tent, sleeping bag, porta-potti, anchor and some veggies up in a mesh hammock.  Water, in one gallon bottles, is under the bunk flat, easily accessible through two eight in diameter ports.  Clothes and food were stored in the thwart.  Batteries, fishing gear, first aid gear, flaries and cleaning supplies were under the cockpit seats.  Outboard spare parts and tools with at the aft end of the cockpit.  As you can see there is plenty of room to tuck away the gear.  This layout was for a single-handed cruise.  There is still plenty of space for two people.  When Bruce and I did out Carolina trip in the fall of '07 we had room to spare.   That's                     one of many things I like about the Pathfinder -- lots and lots of storage space .

Picked up a few items at the grocery store.  Spaghetti, tomato/mushroom sauce in a pouch, asian noodles with kung pao sauce in a pouch, cous cous in a box (that I'll put in a bag for the trip) and a few other items.  Now that we've got a better map for the trip I need to plan out potential anchorages, stops at marinas and stops at hotels.

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