Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Symmetrical 6A

There was a discussion on the jwbuilders site this week about about modifying frame 6A - the frame farthest aft, just ahead of the transom, on the John Welsford-designed Pathfinder.  A group member had asked to see photos of the modifications I had made on this frame with Spartina.  I haven't looked in to posting photos to the jwbuilders site, but I can post them here.
The plans call for an asymmetrical frame, with the port section made taller.  That area eventually becomes the outboard well.  I made my frame 6A symmetrical and finished out the starboard side as my day storage area.  You can see the top of the area in the photo above.  I shot the lower photo last night in the garage to show the access area and a few of the items I typically keep in there - sunblock, gps, radio.  There will often be a paperback book and maybe a snack in there, items I want to keep dry and yet have easily available.
In the top photo you can see some of the items I like to have at hand on a cruise.  AM/FM radio, watch, binoculars and waterproof notepad  (very handy for jotting down notes in the salt spray or even heavy rain). ( That bit of coiled rope that you can see in the corner is a rope ladder based on a design in The Marlinspike Sailor.  The Pathfinder is not the easiest boat to get in to from the water.  Should I fall out - or go for a swim - I can reach this rope ladder from the water and pull it down to help get back in the boat.)  

The great thing about building a boat these days is access to builders and designers in discussion groups.  The jwbuilders site is a very active group with a range of experienced and first time builders.  I could not have built Spartina without their advice on materials, technique and design.  And John Welsford is one of the more active participants.  It is very nice to ask a question and get a quick response not just from a fellow builder, but the designer himself.  One more thing to like about Welsford boats!  If you are thinking about building a boat it is worth visiting the discussion group.


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