Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gimme Shelter

Cold rainy day here so I was downloading some old digital photos to the computer and found a couple of images showing my shelter systems that I had forgotten about.  The top photo is a typical evening anchored on one of the bays on the edge of Pamlico Sound.  This is just after the sun has set, just before the mosquitos come out.
By that I'm time I'll have my sleeping gear all set up so I can slide in to the bivy sac for the night.  The second photo shows my sleep gear before I set it up.    From left is my 3/4 length Therm-A-Rest self inflating sleep pad.  I got that from Campmor as a "second" for about $30.  I still haven't figured out why it was called a second, can't find any problems with it.  In the middle is a camp pillow, maybe ten bucks from the local outdoor shop.  To the right is the bivy sac, $200 from Amazon,  rolled up in the storage bag.  

If there is rain in the forecast for the night I'll set up my polytarp boom tent, seen all the way at the bottom.  I made it for about $60.  It took four or five hours to put together using and UV protected white tarp, double sided tape (meant for putting all weather carpet in place) and three inch wide vinyl tape, plus some grommets, a bit of line and some bungee cord.  Inverted hammock hooks mounted just above the lower rub rail give the loops of bungee cord purchase points along the hull.  

But if the weather is good, and most nights it is, I'll leave the tent up under the foredeck and sleep under the stars.


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