Sunday, February 1, 2009

 Good time to get started on my jobs.  I did track down the problem with the trailer tail light.  A wire connector inside the frame had corroded and the wire broke off.  Easy fix there.  I'll get a screw cap connector, shoot it full of silicone sealer and tightened it down on the wires.  The silicone will harden and minimize salt water getting the wires.  While I'm at it I'll replace as many connectors as possible the same way, that should save me some time down the road.
Also took apart the center board winch and lubricated it.  John Welsford's plans called for a wooden cb with some lead in the lower end.  I substituted a 1/2 inch thick steel plate (with John's approval).  I liked the idea of having all that weight - it comes in at about 100 pounds -down low.  It adds to the stability of the boat, but it is heavy to lift.  So I mounted a winch on the thwart right next to the starboard side of the cb trunk.  Twice I year I take the winch apart to lubricate the springs and levers inside the housing - just takes a few minutes.

I've got to straighten up Spartina's cockpit.  It is not too bad, probably about an hour's work to 
sort  through everything and get it tucked away.  My last sail was in mid-November, a nice day trip down to Croatan Sound behind Roanoke Island.  Since then I've just tossed things in to the cockpit.  I'll take care of that one morning this week.
I sent a check for $31 in to Virginia's Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.  They handle boat registrations and the $31 will cover me for the next three years.  It is hard to believe that it has been almost three years since I initially registered and launched Spartina.    I've had a lot of fun, cruised some interesting waters and met some great people in the last three years.  

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