Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lost Horizons

Searching around through my files I found this photo from my trip last fall.  You can tell from the jib that there was hardly a breath of wind.  The horizon was lost as the glassy water reflected the sky.  A little while later I came across about 20 dolphin rolling and playing in the water.  Then the wind picked up and I headed north.  Those peaceful mornings, before the day's heat arrives, are very special moments.
It is fun to find these photographs that bring back the memories.  When I'm by myself I shoot photographs with an Optio Pentax waterproof camera, something I read about on kayaker Kiwibird's blog a couple of years ago.  (She is not posting much these days but I hope she will be writing as she does in the Everglades Challenge in a couple of weeks.)  
When Bruce comes along will bring some more serious cameras with long and wide-angle lenses.  It is easier to deal with the gear when somebody else has the tiller.  Taking some nice photographs is certainly one of the top goals for this coming trip.


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