Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stormy weather

This was a little thunderstorm that caught me out near Great Island on Pamlico Sound.  I had left my anchorage and was sailing east when I saw it coming.  I circled back near the island so I could find some protection if needed.  But it was the typical fast moving squall I've seen in the late spring.  A little wind, lots of rain and then gone.

Stormy at the office today and that storm will hang around for a while.  Another round of layoffs.  Some good friends, respected colleagues were let go.  I'm glad I've got this cruise to look forward to, gives me something to think about and take my mind off the economy.
I did start my work day in Newport News, across the James River.  So went over there early to visit the Bass Pro Shop and spend some of my birthday money.  Got some nylon pants and a couple of heater meals.  I like to carry two of the self heating meals on each cruise.  They come in handy when I'm just too tired to break out the stove or if it is raining and I've got the boom tent up  (there is plenty of ventilation with the boom tent, still I don't like to use the camp stove under it).  This is a complete self heating meal that uses water (included) and a chemical packet that heats the meal in about 10 minutes.  In this case it is potatoes and beef in bbq sauce.  The taste scale for this food on a typical day is about 4 out of 10.  But when I'm cold and tired and on the boat it jumps up to 7.   Add a cup of fruit and I'm very happy with the meal.

I'm glad to see Bruce is contributing to the blog.  He has a great sense of adventure and is open to whatever happens - a great attitude to have on an open boat cruise.


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