Monday, July 5, 2010

fourth of July weekend

I'm halfway through the daily logs of the Tag Team 200 right now, will start working on day 5 this evening. It surprises me how much time it takes to put the entries together. There are a ton of photos from the two cameras on our boat and the camera on Dawn Patrol. I enjoy putting the log together, it just takes a while. Plus this trip really had a lot of variety in sailing area so that adds a little bit to the work. You can read the entries down below in reverse order or off to the right under Tag Team 200 daily logs in the correct order. And be sure to check the comments. I know Dawn commented on one entry and I hope she and Paul will give their side of the story on the later entries. And Bruce will be adding his thoughts to the last couple of entries soon.

I did go out for a sail Saturday. Winds were light but that was fine with me. Blue skies, white puffy clouds and unseasonably cool, dry weather. It felt like September. I had just enough wind to keep Spartina moving.

Above is a steel-hulled yawl out of Seattle called Endeavor. The owners said the boat was made in Holland, a one-off design they had thought but now they are hearing there may be a dozen more like it around the world. No specific name for the design they said. They had to think a bit when I asked them how long they had been on their trip. "Fourth, no, this is our fifth year. We're taking our time." A year in Mexico and two years in Chile have been part of their journey.
And below is the schooner Jeanie B as she came into Waterside Marina. She is out of Greenville, NC and operates as a school ship - this time full of teen-age boys that were having a lot of fun shouting orders back and forth.

And the wind died about noon which was fine as I had brought a lunch and a newspaper to keep me entertained. A nice day on the water.

And below is dinner on the Fourth of July. (Look familiar Dawn?) My attempt at the wonderful crab stack appetizer that Dawn and I each ordered as a meal at The Chelsea in New Bern. Crab meat layered with avacado and mango salsa, a nice meal for a hot day.

We'll do the traditional dinner tonight and grill some burgers.



SandyBottom said...

Looks as good as it did in the restaurant. And did you serve it with sweet poatato chips :)

Steve said...

I did a test run of the chips earlier in the week and it did not work out well. So I used thin slices of baguette toasted with garlic butter.
It made for a nice meal on a hot day.