Saturday, July 17, 2010

show boat

I had to work today but got to spend some time around the water anyway. It was the first ever Sail-In at Nauticus, Norfolk's maritime center.

They invited a lot of the local sailboats to come dock near Nauticus and the Schooner Virginia for a day to celebrate community sailing. Cool!
The nice thing was the boats didn't spend a lot of time docked near the center. They were out sailing. The wind was perfect, right across the river so the boats could sail up and down past Nauticus.

Everything from sunfish to classic yawls, and even a tugboat too.

There's a nice friendship sloop in the foreground and the Schooner Virginia in the background.

And below is my favorite boat of the show, Spartina, right, alongside a Penobscot 14. Like I said, I had to work, so I couldn't hang around too much. But I was up before sunrise launching Spartina and getting her docked. I didn't get to sail with all the other boats, but it was nice to have her out there for the show.



my2fish said...

that looks awesome - too bad you had to work! nice photo of the Sunfish. and your Spartina looks like a nice boat.

cheers, my2fish

Word Verification: fishorks - is that like a spork, but for fish?

Steve said...

Yes, that work gets in the way sometimes. But I did play hooky long enough to come over and enjoy the other boats. And the weather was perfect for sailing the next day!