Wednesday, December 15, 2010

cold Duck

I had to run down to the Outer Banks today for a quick visit to the town of Duck.   It was very cold.  Ice,  pushed by the northwest wind, piled up for about a hundred yards off the soundside shore.  This is very unusual, particularly when you consider that it is not even winter yet.

Icicles hung down beneath all the piers.  It has been cold for almost ten days now.  More snow, sleet expected tomorrow and then again the following week.

The town of Duck is a tiny vacation spot on the narrow barrier island between Currituck Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.  In the summer months it is a hopping place, packed with vacationers.  But today it was very quiet.

It was kind of pretty, but with two more storms on the way I don't know what to expect.  It could be a long winter.



Baydog said...

We love Duck, and especially Sanderling, just to the north. Wow, I've often imagined it during the winter while I've been sitting on the beach sweating it out there in June. I'm not surprised that the sound is frozen. It's so shallow and there is hardly a current.

Steve said...


I thought that was where you vacationed. Great spot. A very nice place, as are all the outer banks, in the late fall and winter.
Ice on the sound is not unheard of, but it is more common in late January and early February.


Perry Burton said...

Nice pictures Steve, it does sound unusual doesn't it, ice in the sound.
Here in Newfoundland its +8C and holding. No snow and grass still growing. In Labrador east it is the same, no snow and +8C average. It's actually warm enough to sail...