Tuesday, December 28, 2010

thawing out

Above is our deck Sunday night.  I put a yard stick in the pile of snow on top of the table and it was 14 inches deep.  And it snowed two more hours after that.

Here is the view from the garage today, with the bow sprit and mast of Spartina and all the snow and ice left behind from the storm.  I've got lots of work to do to get ready for the next season, but probably won't get after it until the new year.  I've got just four coats of varnish on the mast, I'll be hoping for some warm weather to get a few more coats on.  I've got to get the outboard worked on, check the trailer lights and bearings.  Lots of stuff to keep me busy.


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Bill said...

So much to do - you ain't kidding.

I'm seeing the advantage of a boat on a trailer in your own garage. Mine is in a slip 90 minutes from my house. I'm going to need to do some major engine work in the spring (probably will haul and block the boat and pull the Atomic 4 out, take it home and do an overhaul on the bench), and there's some varnishing, woodwork, painting and deck hardware bedding to be done.

Yeesh. Whose idea was it to buy a sailboat again?