Friday, December 24, 2010

winter on the eastern shore

I ran over to the eastern shore to visit some friends today, all the way up near the Maryland state line in the little town of Greenbackville (great name!).  This is on the seaside of the peninsula, about 15 miles north of the more famous Chincoteague.  It's an old fishing and farming town that was once a bustling community but now, like most places on the eastern shore, is very quiet.  Above is the harbor at Greenbackville, a mixture of pleasure and fishing boats.  A thin layer of ice on the water, patches of snow here and there.

Most of the waterman's boats had been pulled for the winter, but not all.

And crab pots were stacked nearby, waiting for the next season.

It was my first visit to the town in about 15 years.  There are so many little towns like this on the eastern shore, I'll never get to visit them all.  But it was nice to visit just one today.


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