Saturday, December 18, 2010

life on the half shell

What to do when it is too cold to go sailing?  Have some oysters, prepared according to BayDog's recipe!  I fixed this dish awhile ago and really loved it.  But the oldest daughter was away at school at the time.  I know she is a big oyster fan and this will be just right for her winter break homecoming.  This time I'll mix some Kellum oysters from the Rappahannock River with Saltworks oysters from the eastern shore.  And I've got a handful oysters in the shell (forget right now where they came from) for the extra liquid (and I might have one or two on the half shell while cooking).  All were bought at Uncle Chuck's seafood at the farmer's market at a very reasonable price.

It has been a great year and of course when I look back one of the highlights will be the Tag Team sail with Bruce, Paul and Dawn last June (a very hot June) in North Carolina.  I'm very happy to hear that Small Craft Advisor is publishing a story I wrote about the longest day of that trip, Day Four, from Oriental to the Swash on Core Sound.  Below is a low resolution proof that I saw a while ago. Things may have changed since then, and I haven't seen a published copy yet.


Small Craft Advisor is my favorite sailing magazine, and not just because they have published a couple of stories about our trips.  Their stories tend to be a sailing on a small, manageable and affordable scale.  It's not about huge yachts or exotic woods.  It is about something that I can do.  I can't wait to see this new issue.



Baydog said...

I'm always flattered when you mention my oysters, and always jealous when you say you're gonna have them.

Steve said...

Just to be clear, they are MY oysters (made with your recipe). But I would share if you were here. steve