Monday, December 6, 2010

a little bit of history

Out and about with Bruce today, having lunch, checking out the West Marine and doing some planning. We were in the area of Mission Bay so dropped by to look at a spot the holds a little bit of history. I thought I knew were it was from rereading a chapter from Open Boat: Across the Pacific. It took just a couple of minutes to find the patch of water on the bay.

Although the marina has been redone it was easy to recognize the place where Webb Chiles rowed away from the dock in his 18 foot 6 inch open boat Chidiock Tichborne on the first leg of his attempt to sail around the world. He cast off here, you can see the photo from his book below, on November 12, 1978. Next stop - 34 days and 3,000 miles later - the Marquesas.

I can't even begin to imagine.


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