Thursday, October 3, 2013

a few photographs

Some photographs, in no particular order.  I took to many photographs of the bow of Spartina.  I always do.  But often I'm not looking at the bow, but what is beyond.  It might be the water, calm or rough, a distant shoreline, fog, another boat.....or whatever might be over the horizon.



steve said...

lovely photographs - what interesting places you cruise

like the last one - somewhat alien like!!


JimB said...

I love the photos too!

Steve said...

thanks, guys


S R Wood said...

Steve -- Inspiring. Your first photo of sailing into the light is what I envision when I think about how short life is. Beautiful work.

Bill said...

Those are some absolutely fantastic pics. I love the one of Spartina tied up next to the blue shed. Looks like a postcard.

The first one is pretty great, too - sailing into a nuclear explosion.